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Did you know... that your principal’s morning announcements can be viewed on your classroom computer? 

Problem: The principal needs to address all of the students in the school. You have limited space to gather hundreds of students at once. The time and effort required to organize all students in a single location is quite substantial. Even worse, this is unproductive time which takes away from precious classroom learning. The result – fewer addresses from the principal, miscommunication of important information and greater administrative time spent on delivering information through less efficient and personal means such as letters emails and chalk boards.

Solution: A School Cast IP Video Solution from VBrick

Capabilities: A School Cast IP Video Solution is a powerful tool that can help you improve the effectiveness of morning announcements: 
Deliver your morning announcement, live to all students in all classrooms at the same time

Your message can be delivered to desktop computers – both Windows based and MAC

Your message can be delivered to TV’s, monitors or projectors – versatile to fit all installations

The delivery is over the existing IP network – the same that is used for daily data-based activities – without any interruption to existing services 

The message is delivered efficiently over the network using minimal bandwidth through a process call multicasting 
Benefits: A School Cast IP Video Solution from VBrick delivers:

A consistent and uniform message to all students. From your mouth to the student’s ears – a clear and undiluted message free from error

Reduced time required to communicate your message to your students and faculty. You eliminate unproductive transit time necessary to gather students

Higher impact and retention for your announcement than with any other communication method, such as an intercom system. With video you can communicate more than words. You can communicate emotion, excitement and passion!

More effective communication that merges together visual and vocal delivery of information

Result: Less time organizing announcements, more effective communication, more time spent learning in the classroom!

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Incorporating your audio-visual and communication systems into live video conferencing sessions will translate into increased collaboration and awareness, faster decisions and improved relationships. Whether it’s a company meeting between two offices or a university conducting distance learning, Advanced Network Systems, Inc. designs video conferencing solutions to provide a real-time interactive exchange of information. Our team will consult with you to select the best equipment in order to maximize the reach, participation and productivity of your organization.

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Did you know... that a teacher in one classroom can teach students miles away in another school district? 

Problem: You have a limited budget and you need to teach Spanish in two separate schools within your district. The problem is that you can only afford to hire a single teacher. You want the best available teacher, but how can you afford it with budget cuts and a swelling student population? To make matters worse the schools are separated by almost 50 miles and the time spent driving between them will easily consume several hours each week. Seems like a waste to have to pay an expert to sit in a car instead of being in front of students. How can you afford the best teacher available, cover instruction requirements in both locations and ensure students are truly getting the best education possible?

Solution: An IP based Interactive Video Distance Learning System from VBrick

Capabilities: An IP based Interactive Video Distance Learning System is a powerful tool that can help you create a virtual classroom with no geographical boundaries: You can provide interactive instruction between classrooms even if the schools are on the far ends of the district 
Classrooms are connected via the existing IP based network and video runs along side everyday data (such as email and web access) without impacting performance 
The delivery is over the same network that is used for daily data-based activities – without any interruption to existing services 
The instruction is delivered in real-time thanks to industry leading low-delay transmission of the audio and video 
A “listen only” mode is also supported for users with desktop computers – both Windows based and MAC 

Benefits: An IP based Interactive Video Distance Learning System enables: Your teachers to concentrate on classroom material rather than commuting from one school to another 
Classes to communicate with one another in realtime with up to DVD quality that makes it appear you are in the same physical classroom rather than miles away 
The ability for the teacher to reach multiple classrooms simultaneously while providing real-time communication and the highest quality video 
The hiring of a single subject expert rather than two less qualified instructors 
The classroom lecture to be recorded for future review and playback for students who may have been home sick that day of class 
School systems to promote student diversity while eliminating costly transportation expenditures that are often common in large school districts 

Result: An expert instructor, a diversified student population and greatly reduced travel expenditures! 

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Did you know... that you can increase school security by monitoring hallways and bus drops right from the computer in your office? 

Problem: You have minimal staff and are responsible for providing security for one of the largest districts in the area. The amount of time you will spend patrolling areas of non-interest due to travel between schools will be a large waste and you can’t afford a full-time security officer at each school. You have those several schools located at the edges of the district and which happen to have the largest student population. You have hundreds of hallways spread over a multitude of buildings across a thousand square miles of school district. What about all of those bus stops which see thousands of students dropped off and picked up each day? How can you possibly ensure the security of the students? Are you prepared in case of an emergency situation where you need to evacuate a building in the school district?

Solution: An IP based Security and Surveillance Video System from VBrick

Capabilities: An IP based Security and Surveillance Video System is a powerful tool that can help you increase school security: Deliver video from remote cameras over the existing IP network to be displayed on desktop PC’s and TVs

Monitor any area within district without having to leave the central security office

Record any suspicious activity to an optional video-on-demand server that can be used for later playback

View video from district cameras directly on mobile devices such as PDAs to increase your flexibility

Video monitor points can be connected to the IP network through wireless 802.11 technologies

Deliver an emergency broadcast message with important instructions at the touch of a single button from your desktop PC

Benefits: An IP based Security and Surveillance Video System from VBrick delivers: 

Greater security – reach more areas and increase perimeter coverage 
Improved efficiency – less mobile travel around campus in areas of low interest 
Logging capabilities to record areas of high risk 24 hours a day 7 days a week 
Decreased incidents of mischief and criminal activity 
Emergency broadcast capability to deliver important messages to every classroom ensures real-time communication when every second counts 

Result: A safer school, better protection for the teaching staff and students and higher productivity from your security staff!

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