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Network Hardware and Software Systems: Hewlett Packard & Microsoft Technologies to provide network access and email services for all students and administration Your network must be efficient and reliable. Advanced Network Systems, Inc. has certifications from leading manufacturers to ensure that your network electronics are efficient, scalable and user-friendly. From configuration to technical support, our Local and wide area network services will help your organization move toward convergence or the seamless integration of voice, data and video over your network. We will design and install the electronics that best fit your communications.


Selections for K-12 education customers

HP’s servers deliver state-of-the-art technologies that maximize reliability and performance at affordable prices. HP will also back it up with service and support, and have your IT environment up and running in no time.

Best known for reliability, the HP ProLiant server portfolio is designed to offer value-added functionality for maximum performance and flexibility. In addition, HP innovations provide platforms and solutions that improve efficiencies and manageability.

HP's Adaptive Enterprise solution provides K-12 schools with a comprehensive set of IT products and services that help them optimize performance, improve manageability and increase flexibility.

Given the daily demands on K-12 Education, it is difficult to stay ahead of the curve, and with today’s budget cuts, it’s even harder. Without time to develop long-term plans, most developed solutions that go well beyond hardware to focus on meeting your IT challenges proactively—helping you adapt to change, plan for tomorrow’s needs and manage it all cost effectively.

The HP Adaptive Enterprise for K-12 Education is a foundation of products, services and solutions which, when implemented together, progressively build a more adaptive IT infrastructure and increase business agility. HP Adaptive Enterprise solutions help IT teams and managers:

            Stay in control of basic infrastructure, to ensure readily available connections under increasingly demanding circumstances

          Simplify multi-vendor, mult-iplatform environments to deliver the best user experience

          Optimize resources and reduce the cost and complexity of the IT environment with systems consolidation.

Built for Dependability

Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition

Run Your Business on the Most Solid Server Operating System Microsoft Has Ever Released

Today's businesses expect technology to be a consistent enabler of business value. They want systems that are always up and always responsive, and they demand a level of security able to meet today's challenges.

Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition includes new features and improvements that render it the most dependable, enterprise-ready server operating system Microsoft has ever created. Key technologies introduced in Windows 2000 Server have been enhanced, including network load balancing, server clusters, and the Active Directory service. Active Directory is now faster and more robust over unreliable wide area network (WAN) connections, thanks to more efficient synchronization and replication as well as credential caching in branch office domain controllers.

In addition, Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition introduces new technologies, such as a common language runtime that safeguards networks from malicious or poorly designed code. Moreover, the operating system reflects the Microsoft commitment to trustworthy computing, with leaps forward in security functionality, including improved security for Internet Information Services (IIS), public key infrastructure (PKI), and Kerberos, as well as new support for smart cards and biometrics.

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